Fund raising for Swedenborg I1-BY223 (I1-Z73)

Falun, Sweden

I manage a project Kopparberget for investigating the DNA of old families of the UNESCO World Heritage Great Copper Mountain in Falun, Sweden.

One of the noble families of the area is Swedenborg, originating from the estate Sveden a couple of kilometers east of Falun. Emanuel Svedberg was knighted and given the name Swedenborg. He is still well known internationally [Wikipedia] and was a scientist and mystic who died in London in 1772. The Swedenborg Foundation still exists.

Sarcophagus of Emanuel Swedenborg, Uppsala Cathedral

Emanuel Swedenborg didn’t have children but there are still several paternal descendants of his brother Jesper. I have tested one of them (kit # 491250) and from his Y37 I can say that he belongs to I1-L1302 and more specifically I1-BY223, a subclade which seems to have originated in central Scandinavia about 1500 years ago. There are currently about 20 BigYs in this subclade, you find most of them here at Yfull:
I1-BY223 at Yfull

These are his markers:

Y-DNA37 markers of Swedenborg descendant

Actually, Emanuel Swedenborg and his brothers were not born in the Falun area. Their father Jesper Svedberg moved from Falun to Uppsala and later Stockholm for studies and work, finally as a Bishop in Skara further south in Sweden. The latter generations stayed in the south but since I1-BY223 is strongly associated with areas north of Falun I believe it is likely that this is in fact the haplogroup of Emanuel Swedenborg, that there isn’t any NPE:s on the way to present times. One can’t be sure so far, but I think the likelihood is high.

Since he is not a relative of mine I am not able to alone finance more testing for this kit but if a few of you would like to contribute we would be able to get deeper and possibly order a BigY at the next sale. It may also be possible to find a second Swedenborg descendant to test.

This is a link to the FTDNA Kopparberget project fund. Please make a donation for Swedenborg testing if you think it would be interesting to know more about his deep ancestry.

Jakob Norstedt
Admin of Kopparberget and I1-L1302 projects


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